Client Account Management

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Management of the clients within your system is a daily task which we have made fairly simple. This guide will walk you step by step through the entire client profile, what each portion of this profile features, and how this can be utilized for your business.

What is a Client?
A client is any person who has interacted with your business either to purchase goods and services, or via the app. Your clients are your clientele for your business and thus their profiles should be maintained and updated when necessary.

How to Locate a Client Profile (from Check-in)
  1. From your dashboard, click on the Live Schedule icon and you will be brought to your Live Schedule window
  2. Once in your live schedule window, click into the class which is associated with the client you wish to locate. Click "View Details" to see the class roster and details. Click on the clients name and you will be brought to their client profile window

How to Locate a Client Profile (from Dashboard)
  1. From your dashboard, click on the Menu icon, Select Clients and you will be brought to the clients window.
  2. Once in the Clients window, either scroll through the list of clients or use the search bar in the top of the page to locate the client profile you are in search of. 

What is in a Client Profile?
  • The client’s profile image (if they uploaded one) will be located on the left hand side of the client window with their name underneath. If the client uses a different name on their App account, you will see a small phone icon with their "app" name under their "Profile Name". Below this are options: create a cart (cart icon) to make a purchase, or register/schedule  the client for a class or One-On-One Appointment  (calendar+ icon), Start a chat with the client (message bubble icon) Or resend the Welcome email if the client has not logged in. (phone icon) If the client HAS logged in, this button will trigger a password reset email to the client.
  • To the left side, you will also see their email address, phone number, account balance, saved payment methods and "See About Me" 
  • About Me: This displays all of the clients basic information which is relevant to you and your business: first name, last name, username (for the app), birthday, last login, contact information such as email, phone, and address. You can check boxes here to turn off "syncing" to any other integrations. Additionally, within this section of the client’s profile you can add any relationships, merge duplicate accounts, and Store Custom Image fields that you set up to collect in your app settings. (Please note that you have to have these settings turned on in the app to see those image fields here.)
  • Active Items: This section of a client’s profile lists out their memberships, active class passes, and active one-on-one passes.
  • Open in Reports: here you can click into additional class pack, membership OOO pack reports to be able to see additional information about active, inactive packs and frozen memberships. 
  • Active Bills: This displays the client’s bills categorized by paid and unpaid. Click into "See All Bills" to see additional bills.
  • Internal Memos: This section of a client’s profile allows team members to add notes to their account. These notes can be things such as Debby is allergic to peanuts, or Sean had surgery on his left hip and will require some modifications. Staring the memo will then display the memo on a class roster, letting an instructor know that the client might have a health issue the instructor should know about. 
  • Upcoming Registrations: This section of a client’s profile will display any upcoming registrations to classes, events, one-on-one’s, or series that they have registered for. Clicking See all Registrations will display the Client's whole registration history. These items will be categorized by title, date, status, and what is required of the client for the class (waivers or payments). Clicking to see all Recurring Registrations will take you to a screen which displays only recurring registrations created with this client.
  • Recent Sales: This section of a client’s profile displays their most recent sales history within your business. Clicking "See all Sales" will show their entire history. 
  • Signed Waivers: This displays all waivers signed by the specified client by title and date signed. Clicking "See All Signatures" will show all waivers the client has signed with our business.  Click "Request a Signature" to trigger a notification to the client to sign a waiver. Once the request for a signature is sent, the client will be prompted to sign it before they can register for their next class. 

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