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An Announcement is a message delivered instantly to your clients who are also app clients. This message and accompanying push notification will be published from your fitDEGREE page to your mobile app as soon as published and is the most efficient and effective way to communicate with clients on any topic!

Automatic Discount
An automatic discount is a discount that applies to any client profile: within a specified date range, with a specified tag, or with a specified date range and tag. These automatic discounts create ease for both the admin and consumer while checking out either on mobile device, or within your business.

Automatic Refund
The return of payment to a payment method. Cash, Gift Card, and Account balance refund to account balance. Class pack refunds back to a use on the class pack. Intro offer refunds back to a use on the intro offer. Membership refunds back to a use on the membership. Credit card purchase refunds to credit card.

Business Insights
Business insights track things such as client insights, revenue, registrations, app logins, and occupancy. This is the portion of your fitSpot where you keep track of your business health, client retention, estimated client values, and track clients on autopay. Essentially, this is the heart and soul of your business metrics.

For your business, a class is the product you provide to your clients, whether it is cycling, yoga, pilates; the list is seemingly infinite. On fitDEGREE a class is a designated set of rules for our system to follow to make your schedule and your business run efficiently. While creating a class, your business will indicate key factors such as drop in rates, and class group in order to signal to our system to properly classify and produce seamless results. In creating a class, it is especially important to input the class group; as a result of class groups signifying instructor Pay Scales, it is important to establish these before you establish your classes and ensure you are inputting the correct class, into the correct group.

Class Drop-in Fee
A payment method that provides a single use that is not tied to a class pack or membership. If an automatic refund is given for early cancellations, the transaction is refunded back to their credit card.

Class Pack
A class pack is a way a client can purchase multiple classes without any commitment to a contract or monthly membership. These class passes can be sold online and in your business, or strictly within your business through an administrative account to capitalize on a deal, or leverage pricing packages which are not advertised publicly to entice a reluctant client to return.

Company Admin
This employee has access to all features for all fitSpots associated with the company profile.

Continual Membership
With a membership, a client has access to designated classes as well as one-on-one services for a predetermined amount of time, or until they decide to terminate their membership. A continual membership means that the membership is set to be a recurring charge within this clients account and will not expire after any amount of time.

fitSpot Admin
This employee has access to all business data within the fitDEGREE platform, including access to financial information, ability to create and change schedules, pricing packages, and more. This employee does NOT have access to settings regarding the Chat feature or App Profile requirements. The main difference from this role and a Company Admin is that a fitSpot admin can only have access to control their designated fitSpot, or company location. 

Fixed Length Membership
With a membership, a client has access to designated classes as well as one-on-one services for a predetermined amount of time, or until they decide to terminate their membership. A fixed length membership means that this membership is set to expire after a certain amount of time and be removed from the client’s profile until purchased again either on the app or within the business.

Global Exception
A global exception is any period of time which all employees schedules will be removed from availability. An example of a global exception would be a holiday, business closure, or event.

Intro Offer
A purchase for a Cold client. This means this payment option is only available for clients as their first purchase in the client app if they have never made a purchase or registration before. Intro offers are applicable toward Classes and One-on-Ones.

Live Schedule
The live schedule is where your class calendar lives. Here you can input classes, events, series, and one-on-one appointments as well as edit your current schedule and unpublished classes. The live schedule can be used to see the daily, weekly, or monthly activities of the business. From here you can create, cancel, or edit your class schedule and have it immediately update to your app. The live schedule features options to view current, past, canceled, and unpublished events. This feature also allows for your schedule to be filtered by instructor and location in order to streamline your processes.

A location is any physical space within your business where a client may be offered a service, or could be used to indicate a service happening off-site. 

This employee has access to all scheduling resources as well as ability to create classes and class passes, perform basic client facing tasks as well as business management tasks, but they cannot view business insights/financial reporting.

With a membership, a client has access to designated classes as well as one-on-one services for a predetermined amount of time, or until they decide to terminate their membership. This differs from a Class Pass, as a Class Pass allows guests access to one specific class or class group for a predetermined amount of uses, but is not a recurring charge on their account and does not replenish once they have used their package.

One-on-One Pass
A One-on-One Pass is applicable only to designated one-on-one services and is usable both for a set amount of purchases as well as a set duration of time (if set to expire). These passes can be purchased online, on the app, or within your business.

One-on-One Service
A one-on-one service is an individualized session with a client. This can include private lessons, massages, teacher trainings, etc.

Payroll report
On fitDEGREE your payroll is located in the reports tab under the category “Team Member Payouts,” here you can find information for payroll for all staff within your business, as well as filter this information down by date. Here you have access to view each team member, the amount of classes, events, one-on-one, and series that they taught, their total check-ins and their total pay.

Payscales are the basis for compensation within your business. Through the creation of payscales and implementation of them into team member profiles, you will more efficiently calculate pay and create a seamless transition between levels of pay for your employees. Payscales are created for classes and one-on-ones and allow for control of pay per employee. This allows the business to scale pay per experience level, add bonuses, and/or cap payouts to employees.

Promo Code Discount
A promo code discount is a discount applied to an account at the checkout during a point of sale. This is done via a promotional code either applied by the client or the admin prior to purchase. These codes can either apply to everyone, or apply only to clients with specified tags.

Retail Item
A retail item is a good, rather than a service, provided by your business. This can be clothing, water bottles, food, and other such products available for purchase at your location.

Within fitDEGREE a tag within a client profile is a way to categorize information within our software in order for our system to recognize exceptions to the rules of payment. For example, if you give a client the tag “Friend” and assign your friends and family discount to this tag, this account will now have an automatic friends and family discount on any applicable goods and services.

Team Member
A basic employee can use fitDEGREE resources to register clients for classes, one-on-one appointments, memberships, retail, and other basic functions.

Team Member Exception
A Team member exception is any exception to an individual team member’s schedule of availability. Examples of an exception would be: scheduled breaks, vacations, personal time off, etc.

A client is any person who has interacted with your business either to purchase goods and services, or via the app. Your clients are your clientele for your business and thus their profiles should be maintained and updated when necessary.

A Widget is the implementation of HTML coding into your website in order to directly place your fitDEGREE live schedule, one-on-one services, or announcements onto your website. Below is a step-by-step process for how to implement these widgets into your website. All processes are the same, just be sure to make sure you switch between the three tabs to implement the widget for the proper item to your website.

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