Tags and Discounts

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Tags and Discounts are related because Discounts tied to specific subsets of Clients via a Tag. What this means is that only Clients with Tag X can access a particular Automatic or Promo Code Discount. 

In this article we will review how to create a Discount specific to a Tagged subset of Clients. We will leverage only Promo Codes in the screenshots, but know that the steps are the same from the Automatic Discount page as well. 

Let's jump in by talking about how to even get to this point...

To access your discounts you will click on the menu button in the top left corner of your Admin and then select Setup. From here, take a look at your left side menu and locate Discounts. Click on this title to reveal the two discount options. Select whichever discount option you would like to work within. For our example imagery we are selecting Promo Codes.

Once you are in the page for the type of Discount you would like to link to a Tag, you've got two ways you can go about this. First, you can create a new Discount and add a Tag. Second, you can edit a previously created Discount to add a Tag. 

Linking a Discount to a Tag - New Discount Creation

To create a new Discount navigate to the type of Discount you would like to create in the Admin. Next to the title of the page, click on the plus sign. 

Once you click on the plus sign you will open a new tab on screen prompting you to create your discount. Fill in all of the relevant information for your Discount type. For this article, we are going to dive deeper into the Client Tag section of this setup. 

Within your form to Create a Discount there is a section that states "Client must have at least one of the following tags." When checked off, this means that in order to access this Promo Code or Automatic Discount, the client is required to have at least one of the Tags listed. 

When you check this, a space appears to + Add Tag. This is how you will specify which Tags will provide Clients access to particular Discounts.

After clicking + Add Tag, you will see a new drop down menu from which you can choose a pre-created Tag or create a new Tag at that time. 

In this process you can select one, a few, or many Tags which will grant Clients access to a particular Discount.

Once you have made your selection, you can finish filling out the Discount specific information and create it so that your Clients can begin enjoying it!

Linking a Discount to a Tag - Editing a Discount

To link a Discount to a Tag that has already been created is a process done through editing that Discount.

To do this, locate the Discount which you would like to make Tag specific ad then click on the Edit button on the far right hand side. 

Once clicked, this will open a new tab which will prompt you to edit the sections of this Discount template that you have already previously filled out. 

Inside of this tab, locate the section that reads "Client must have at least one of the following tags" and then check it off to continue specifying Tags which are to be linked.

Following checking this off you will see a button to + Add Tag, click on this to add the Tags which you would like to make this Discount specifically linked to.

In this process you can choose from a list of pre-created Tags, or create a new Tag on the spot if needed. 

Once you have selected one, a few, or many Tags which you would like this Discount to be specific to, update and save this Discount template so that you're set up for success!

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