How to Create an Automatic Discount

Modified on Fri, 23 Jun 2023 at 02:33 PM

What is an Automatic Discount?
An automatic discount is a discount that applies to any client profile: within a specified date range, with a specified tag, or with a specified date range and tag. These automatic discounts create ease for both the admin and consumer while checking out either on mobile device, or within your business. Automatic discounts are typically used if a specific client should continuously receive a discount on specific services or retail items. 

  1. From your dashboard, click the menu icon in the top left corner next to the fitDEGREE logo
  2. Within the menu options, select “Setup” and click the drop down for “Discounts”
  3. Click Automatic 
  4. Within the Discounts window, click the plus sign in the top left corner to create a discount
  5. Upon clicking the plus sign a tab titled “Create Discount” will appear on your screen. Fill in all required fields such as: title, discount tag (applied by selecting from the drop-down menu. This Tag categorizes the "revenue by discount" in your revenue report so you can track it), whether the discount apples to everyone or clients with specific tag, and percent off.
  6. Input your automatic discount start date, and indicate whether or not it will also have an end date
  7. Select whether or not your discount will be capped at a set amount, then click the blue “next” button in the bottom right corner of the tab
  8. Within the next tab, select what items the discount applies to (if an item has a plus sign to the left it is an item with multiple options, click this plus sign to reveal all options and decide whether or not they apply to your discount)
  9. Once you have finished, click the  “create” button in the bottom right corner of the tab

Things to Note:
  • When creating your discount it can automatically apply to all members, or it can be applied only to members with specific tags on their accounts. Ensure that you check the proper option on the first tab while creating your discount and your discount tag aligns with the tag you will place into client profiles.
  • Client tags must be placed on the client profile BEFORE a purchase is made for the client to receive the discount. 

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