Reading your Revenue Report

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Your Revenue Report tracks a lot of important information. So, let's take some time to break it down to some important finds: gross sales, net sales, gift card sales, discounts, account balances issued, refunds, $ in your pocket, and fitDEGREE payout. This feature also provides you with a breakdown of net sales as well as discounts applied based on their tags. 

This portion of your fitSpot is most useful for expense and income tracking and visually encountering the success of each individual portion of your business, whether that be a discount or a new series you have just begun.

To access this report, go to your main menu in your Admin Portal -> Reports-> Money ->. Click "View Details" to the right of the Revenue report. Select the date range to generate a report.
Revenue Breakdown is on the left and Sales Breakdown is on the right.

Once you have located the report you will see a lot of information, so let's review some sections 

Revenue Breakdown:

CC Income: Total amount of sales made from Credit Card purchases

CC Refunds: Refunds performed in fitDEGREE software to return purchases back to Credit Card. (this will not count chargebacks or refunds performed directly in your merchant processor portal) 

Bank Account Income: Sales using ACH as payment in admin. Your merchant account must be set up to process these types of payments (ask your Customer Success Manager to get this set up for you)

Bank Account Refunds: refunds made back per people's bank accounts 

Processing Fees: Combined credit card processing fees and/or ACH fees charged by credit card merchant for processing payments.

Cash Income: Sales performed in admin with CASH as payment method

Cash Refunds: Refunds given back in cash

Other Income: Sales performed in Admin using "other" as checkout payment option

Taxes Collected: retail and/or services taxes collected on your sales

Revenue: Total of line items above

Gift Cards Used: Redeemed Gift cards

Gift Cards Issued: total Sales of issued gift cards

Account Balance Used: Account balances redeemed by customers

Account Balance Issued: Account balances given to customers usually as form of refund instead of refunding to credit card. 

Delta Liability: How much your business "owes" to its customers that has not been "redeemed" yet by them from gift cards or liability (account balance). 

Net Profit: Revenue minus Delta Liability

Let's review some sections under Sales Breakdown on the right side column:

Gross Total: Gross income is the total income a business receives before any taxes, expenses, adjustments, exemptions, or deductions are taken out

Discounts: total discounts you gave as promo codes and automatic discounts 

Charged Taxes: sales tax you charged and received from your customers on goods and/or services

Cart Total: Gross total - discounts + charged Taxes = TOTAL 

Refunds: all money given back to clients

Sales Tax Owed: What you have to pay out to your state that you collected

Account Balance Issued: Money put on account from drop-in's purchased or refund given in form of Account balance

Gift Card Discounts: any gift card discounts that would have been given in the admin portal during purchase.

Processing Fees: Credit Card processing fees Plus ACH fees if your business is set up to take ACH payment through your merchant account 

Net Profit: This number will match the Net Profit from the left side of the page. 

Revenue by Items:
Scroll down to Revenue Breakdown to see how much revenue was generated by each item. (Memberships, class packs, retail, events, series, etc.) To continue seeing the breakdown you can click through on each item within the report. Each click will help you narrow down the exact results you wish to derive from the report. 
For example, clicking on Class Packs, will tell you how much revenue was generated for each Class Pack type you have; single, 5-pack, New Client Special etc. Clicking into a specific class pack again will reveal the name of the client and the date it was purchased.  

A pie chart will populate on the right side to show you visually which items most of your revenue is generated from.
Discounts by Tags
This breaks down your discounts by tags so that you can see how much was given away under each tag category. (for example, General marketing or automatic discounts like Military) Pie chart to the right is a visual representation to see which category you give discounts in the most.
Social Revenue
This shows you which of your members are gifting, how many gifts they have given and the total amount of money they have given in gifts. 

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