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Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 10:37 AM

Prior to the fitDEGREE September 2023 Tag Management update, the fitDEGREE Admin had "Tags" inside of Retail and Discounts. This language was updated to Categories to provide differentiation from Tags and clarity on their purpose within the Studio Admin.

Now that we have the history down, let's discuss what Categories are and then where they can be located within the Admin in terms of Discounts. 

A Category in fitDEGREE is a grouping of items under one specific label. This Category can be used for sorting items in certain screens and reports. 

Discount Categories

To locate your Discount Categories will be the same process no matter if you are looking into Automatic or Promo Code discount screens. For this article, we will reference the Promo Code section of the Admin Setup area.

Discount Creation

Inside of the fitDEGREE Admin Setup Area is a section called Discounts, from here you can create Promo Codes or Automatic Discounts. During this creation process you have the ability to select or create a category used for the discount as a reference point for reports and sorting. 

When you click on the plus sign in order to create a Discount you will have a new tab that appears on screen. When you do this, you will see a prompt to create a Promo Code or title your Automatic Discount and then immediately under it will be the area to select your Discount Category. 

Once you click on the drop down to Select a Category you will be able to select the relevant Category which a discount should be placed into, or you will be able to create a new Category if needed. 

Your Discount Category is going to be what is leveraged down the line in your reporting, so be sure to make it short, but informational. 

Discount Category Management

In addition to being able to select and create Discount Categories during the Discount creation process, you can also edit, delete, and create Categories within the Discount Category Management section. 

To get to this, you need to click on the gear next to the plus sign used to create new Discounts. 

Once clicked, this will open a new tab for Discount Categories. Within this tab, as previously stated, you can edit Categories, delete Categories, and also create new Categories. 

Remember, Discount Categories are meant to help sort your discounts into groupings which will later assist you within your Revenue Reports. Be sure to be intentional about their creation and maintenance!

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