What is a Conditional Tag?

Modified on Wed, 20 Sep 2023 at 01:58 PM

A Conditional Tag is a type of Tag created in the fitDEGREE Admin that is tied to a pricing option. When the pricing option is active, the tag is active. When the pricing option expires or runs out of uses, then the Tag is automatically removed. 

Conditional Tags were created so that Studio Owners and Managers would be able to leverage their automation tools and integrations with companies like LoopSpark and Lenzvu more successfully. Conditional Tags can be linked to all Pricing Options including: Class Packages, One-on-One Packages, Intro Offers, and Memberships. 

These Conditions are created via the pricing options, not via the Tag Management page. 

Conditions can also be unique per Client. This can be done via their Profile. If you go to a Client Profile and click on a Tag, you can set individualized Conditions based on the Active Items in their Profile.

What happens when I add Conditional Tags to a pre-existing item?

Any Conditional Tags you add to an item that already exists will be added to all clients that currently have this item on their account. If the client already has this tag and this item on their account, the current tag will be updated to a Conditional Tag.

What happens when I remove Conditional Tags from a pre-existing item?

Removing a Conditional Tag from a pre-existing item will also remove the tag from all clients that have this Conditional Tag on their account.

Within the Client List page on your Admin you can create individual Conditional Links, similar to in Client Profiles. In the Client List, if you click on a Tag in line with a Client's name, you can create an individual Condition between that Tag and the Client's active Pricing Options.

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