How to Read Your Check In Screen Icons

Modified on Wed, 28 Jun 2023 at 02:34 PM

  • Debt: if this icon appears next to a client name, then they have DEBT on their account that needs to be paid. Click on the DEBT (red dollar sign) icon to see what the debt is for. (could be failed auto-pay membership, late cancel or no show bill, or an unpaid class registration)
  • Paper: this indicates whether or not a guest has signed their waiver for their class. Green means the client has signed the waiver, black paper means they need to sign.
  • Dollar Sign: Green this indicates that a guest has paid for their class. Black dollar sign means that the class is unpaid and they need to make a purchase
  • CP: the client is able to pay with their class pack
  • OP: the client is able to pay with their one on one pack
  • M: the client is able to pay with their membership
  • I: the client is able to pay with their Intro Offer
  • Check Box: this indicates whether or not your client has shown up for their class or not.  Green means they were checked into class, black means they were not. (note* clients must be checked in 12 hours after class ends to avoid being marked as a "no show" and receiving a no show bill if you have one set in your cancellation policy. )
  • Person with a Check Mark: this indicates that it is the client's first time checking into your studio

Things to note:

Colored CP, OP M or I icon verses a White Icon. If these icons are white, it indicates the client has that item on their account to be used to pay toward the reservation, but the payment has not yet been applied. To apply the pack to the registration, click on the icon. Select the pack from "My Applicable Item" in the pop-up screen. Click "Complete" to resolve payment.

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