How Do I Perform a Refund?

Modified on Tue, 27 Jun 2023 at 10:34 AM

In the fitDEGREE system, automatic refunds can be performed by the system if you have your cancellation policy set to do so. Automatic "refunds" are given back in whatever form of payment was used. 

For Example, if the member paid with a class pack, the class is "refunded" back to the pack and available to the client to use to book another class. If you have "drop-in's" fees enabled on classes, and this was used to pay for a class with a credit card, an automatic refund will put money back onto their credit card. 
 *note: Series and Events use separate payment systems from Classes, and cannot be "tied to a pack." Any Auto-refund performed for these will return money to the method of payment used to make the original sale. Credit card back to credit card, cash, gift card, and account balance back to account balance. 

If you wish to process a credit card purchase as a refund to an account balance, this can be done manually, but MUST be done from the SALE of the item (not from the check in roster or registration). 

To give an "account balance":
  1. Go to the client's account profile
  2. Find the registration that needs to be cancelled
  3. Click on the 3 dots to the right
  4. Select "Cancel Registration"
  5. Leave "perform refund with cancellation" box unchecked
  6. Confirm registration cancellation (when this part is done, you will see a black back arrow)
  7. Click on the Black Back Arrow next to registration. Two options will appear: 
  • "auto refund" and 
  • "Mark as compensated without auto refund. Select "Mark as Compensated without auto-refund"(this means you plan to give them the "refund" another way, back as cash or account balance)

Staying on the Client's Account Profile, Scroll down to the "sale" of the item:
  1. Click on the Sale to open the "sale page"
  2. Click on "refund" on the right hand side
  3. Select the item you are refunding. Click "Next" button in the bottom right corner
  4. Under "refund to:" 
  • you will have options to refund to Credit Card, Account Balance or Cash.
  1. Enter the amount you are "refunding"  in the Account Balance box. 
  2. Then click "submit" to complete the transaction. 

You should then see the Account Balance on the Client's Account Profile under their name. 

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