How to Navigate Reports

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What are Reports?
In fitDEGREE, your reports are considered your business insights. Business insights track things such as sales, team member payouts, client insights, revenue, registrations, app logins, and occupancy. This is the portion of your fitSpot where you keep track of your business health, client retention, estimated client values, and track clients on autopay. Essentially, this is the heart and soul of your business metrics. 

When you click into the Reports tab, you are presented with your Dashboard, which include Favorite Reports, Business Health, Client Retention, Estimated Average Client, Clients on Auto-pay, and Projected Membership Income.
  • Business Health: displays the success of your business based on check-ins, class utilization, and sales.
  • Client Retention: displays the percentage of clients who have returned within 21 days of their first session
  • Estimated Average Client: the estimation of the lifetime value of your current clientele based on their monthly spending, estimated duration returning to your business
  • Clients on Autopay: Displays the amount of clients within your system which are actively on an autopay system
    • Note that this number WILL include and frozen membership in your system.
  • Projected Membership Income: Displays the amount of income brought in via memberships over a 30 day time period. This graph displays both autopay and non-autopay members and can be exported for more information. Click the "down arrow" icon in the top right corner of this report to export a CSV file with client information.

To the left of the screen is the report menu, which categorizes reports together to be able to locate them quickly. For reports that you access the most, you can select the heart to make them a favorite. They will then display at the top of your dashboard for quick access to those reports. 

Money Reports include:
  • Account Balance: Shows you what clients hold active account balance in your system
  • Bills: Customizable report on all bills in your system
  • Gift Cards: Shows you how many active gift cards you have in your system
  • Revenue: Get an interactive breakdown of what was sold: tracks gross sales, net sales, gift card sales, discounts, account balances issued, refunds, and money in your pocket
  • Sales: See all sales processed at your studio
  • Transactions: Individual transactions that were processed through your system
  • Unpaid Bills: Bills report with present filters for unpaid

Client Reports Include: 
  • All Clients: See all clients in your admin. You can use the filters on this reports to find only tagged client accounts as well
  • App Logins: See how often clients are opening your app
  • Emails Sent: Shows you the emails that have been sent out on behalf of your studio
  • Fading Clients: Save them before you lose them! See clients who don't have an active pricing option.
  • New Business: See who's new to your studio
  • Routine Breakers: See clients who had a routine going & then broke it.

Registration Reports Include:
  • Checkins: Breakdown per client of how many checkins they have
  • Popularity: See which class, instructor, difficulty, gender or age is most popular at your studio
  • Registrations: Customizable report on all registrations at your studio
  • Unpaid Registrations: Registrations report with preset filters for unpaid

Pricing Options Reports Include: 
  • Class Packs: Customizable report on class packs purchased.
  • Intro Offers: Customizable report on intro offers purchased.
  • Memberships: Customizable report on memberships purchased.
  • One-on-one Packs: Customizable report on one-on-one packs purchased

Business Reports Include: 
  • Intro Offer Funnel: See the conversions of intro offers sold.
  • Referrers: See clients who have been referred to your studio.
  • Signatures: See all signed waivers.
  • Team Member Payout: Helps determine what to pay out your team members using their pay scales.

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