How to Leverage Tag Colors

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 09:42 AM

When you look throughout your fitDEGREE Admin you will notice that Tags can be Color Coded. This is done in an effort to help the Studios tell a visual story to help their Team Members learn as much as they can about a client in addition to their Tags. 

Colors are meant to categorize your Tags into relevant groups and help make them more useful. Not only will it aid in telling a visual story to your team, but it also is a section of the Advanced Tag Filter Option on Reports. 

For example if I coded the Color green to be Memberships I can now filter a report to all Clients with a Green Tag and there will appear all of my Tags Color Coded Green, which should mean all of my Clients with Memberships!

So, that all sounds awesome, but how can you get to that point? This article is going to help you learn where to access and define your Color Coding so you can be set up for success!

To access your Tags you want to go into your Setup area of your fitDEGREE Admin. Then, you'll want to select Client Tags from your left side menu. Once you have done this, you will enter your Tag Management Screen. 

You'll be able to note at this point that next to every Tag Title is a Color drop down. This is where you will go to establish the Color Coding for your Tags. 

On any Tag, click on the Color drop down and a new tab will open.

Here you have the ability to assign a Color to a Tag, as well as to edit the Color Labels. 

When you click "Edit Labels" you are provided the option to Label each and every Color option that fitDEGREE provides. This is where your Color Coding will come into play. For example, you can designate a Color for all Membership Tags, or a Color for all Intro Offer Tags. Whatever you can think up, you can now categorize via Color Coding!

Once you Save your Color Labels, they will be visible as you continue to navigate assigning Colors to other Tags in the fitDEGREE Admin. 

As previously stated, the Color Coding comes largely into play visually when looking at Client Profiles. More practically though, the Colors help you with your Advanced Tag Filter Options. 

Once you have assigned Tags Colors, and those Colors Labels, you are able to leverage that information inside of your Reports through filters. 

For example, I can filter my Report to all Clients with my Green Tag which is labeled Membership Tags.

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