Tags and Class Packs

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 09:46 AM

Tags can be related to Class Packs as a result of Conditions. In this article we are going to review how to establish that a Class Pack and a Tag are related.

First and foremost we want to get to a space to view all Class Packs in our Admin. To do so you will go to the Menu button at the top left of the screen, click into it, and then select Setup. From there you are going to take a look at the left side menu and select Pricing Options. A drop down of new options will appear at this time, from there select Class Packs. 

At this time a list of Class Packs you have created in your Admin will appear as a new page. There is now 2 scenarios we can review of linking Tags to Class Packs. First, let's discuss in new Pack creation, then we will go to editing a current Pack.

Adding a Tag to a Class Pack - New Class Pack Creation

To add a Tag as a Condition to your new Class Pack you want to begin by going through the normal Class Pack creation flow. Start off by clicking on the plus sign and a new tab will appear to Create a Class Pack. Fill in all necessary information on the first page and then click Next. 

At the top of the second section is the ability to add a Conditional Client Tag. If you wish for your Class Pack to be linked to a Client Tag so that when they purchase it, the Tag is added, then add that Client Tag that you wish to be linked here. 

To do this, click on + Add Tag. 

This will pop open a new tab which allows you to select a Tag or create a new Tag to link as a Condition to this particular Class Pack. 

You can add just one Tag, or hit + Add Tag again and continue to add linked Tags to create Conditions. 

Once you have selected all of your desired Tags, click the Next button and finish your Class Pack creation. 

Adding a Tag to a Class Pack - Editing a Class Pack

When you go to Edit a Class Pack you will see the option to create a Conditional link to a Tag. To get to this step, initiate your normal editing process. Click on the Edit button to the right of the Class Pack title and then review if the first tab that appears needs any changes. From there, click to the next tab and you will see options to create your Conditional link. 


At the top of this new tab will be the option to create Condition Client Tags. Here you can click + Add Tag in order to add one, a few, or many Tags that will be Conditionally linked to this Pricing Option in Client Profiles. 

Once you click on + Add Tag you can select one Tag from the list or create a new Tag. To add multiple Tags to your Class Pack, simply repeat this process multiple times. 

Reminder - all Conditional Tags are applied and removed based on the Class Pack being Active in a Client's account. Once the Class Pack is expired or runs out of uses, then it will become Inactive and the Conditional Tag will no longer appear on their account until the next time this same type of Pricing Option is Active in their account. 

When editing a Pricing Option and adding a Conditional Client Tag, be sure to note that all Clients who have this Pricing Option will be updated to also have this Tag on their Client Account.

When editing a Pricing Option and removing a Conditional Client Tag, be sure to note that all Clients who have this Pricing Option will be updated to have this Tag removed from their Client Account.

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