How to Assign a Tag to a Client?

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 11:00 AM

What is a tag?

Within fitDEGREE, a tag within a client profile is a way to categorize information within our software in order for our system to recognize exceptions to the rules of payment. For example, if you give a client the tag “Friend” and assign your friends and family discount to this tag, this account will now have an automatic friends and family discount on any applicable goods and services.

  1. From your dashboard, click the menu icon in the top left corner next to the fitDEGREE logo
  2. Within the menu options click "Clients"; once in the “Clients” window select the client which you would like to assign a tag to; once you have selected this client, their profile will appear on screen
  3. On your screen on the left hand side is basic client profile information, click the plus sign on the bottom of this next to the text that reads “Add a tag”
  4. Once you have done this, a drop-down menu will appear, if the tag you desire to add to your client profile has already been created, click this drop-down and select the proper tag. If the tag has not yet been created, click the plus sign next to the “Select a tag to add” drop down.
    1. If creating a new tag, a tab will appear on screen which reads “Add Tag,” within this, simply type the tag you wish to add and click the “Create” button in the bottom right hand corner of the tab
    2. If using a pre-existing tag, simply select it from the drop-down list and it will automatically appear below the client’s profile on the left side of the screen
  5. Once you have done this, any discounts applicable to this client tag will be automatically applied to the account

Things to note:

If creating a new tag from the client profile, it will not be linked to an automatic discount until that discount is established. 

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