How to Create a Class Payscale

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What is a payscale?
Payscales are the basis for compensation within your business. Through the creation of payscales and implementation of them into team member profiles, you will more efficiently calculate pay and create a seamless transition between levels of pay for your employees. Payscales are created for classes and one-on-ones and allow for control of pay per employee. This allows the business to scale pay per experience level, add bonuses, and/or cap payouts to employees.

  1. From your dashboard click the menu icon next to the fitDEGREE logo
  2. In the menu, select “Setup”
  3. Within the side menu select the option for Team and then Class Payscales
  4. Click on the plus sign in the top corner
  5. Create a short and specific title for your payscale, for example, Junior Instructor Payscale
  6. Once you have titled your payscale, create a rule within it by selecting “add rule”
  7. Create a name for your rule based on the Class Group that the rule will be affecting then set your required fields based on your business best practices
  8. Indicate base pay in the first field, either by class or hourly rate
  9. Following this, set the rate of pay per class or hour if there is no attendance
  10. After creating base pay your business has the option to set out designated bonus structures
    • Here your business can set the maximum amount a team member can earn from their bonus structure
    • Here a bonus can be crafted to elevate per check-in. For example your business could apply that from the 5th to the 10th check-in your instructor gets an extra $5 each and then from the 11th to the max amount of checkins your instructor gets $10 each. This allows your business to scale their bonus structure to promote attendance
    • Here your business can set a bonus flat-rate. This allows your business to say that if there are x amount of check-ins or more, then my instructor gets a bonus. This can also be tiered.
    • Here your business can set bonuses to be applied based on how many clients use a specified method of payment. 
  11. Once you have set your bonus structure press the “create” button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  12. Once the pay rule is created, be sure to attach it to your class groups and click Update

Things to Note:
  • As you create new class groups you will have to go back to your team member Payscale window and edit your Payscales to assign the proper pay rule to the class group. To do so click the three dots on the far right hand side correlating to your desired payscale. In the drop-down tab select edit; this will take you to a tab that reads “edit class payscale,” and from here you can apply your payscale to your desired groups. This allows you to decide which classes allow for which bonus structures.
  • While creating team members, make sure to apply all necessary Payscales in order to streamline all processes for team member payouts.

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