How to Create an Intro Offer

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What is a an Intro Offer?
Intro offers are used to attract new clients to try your business. They allow customers that have never interacted with your business before to purchase a short term package at your facility to test out your offerings before making a longer term commitment with a membership purchase. Intro offers can be created to include classes, one-on-one services, or can include both if your facility offers both. 

  1. From your dashboard, click the menu icon in the top left corner next to the fitDEGREE logo
  2. Within the menu options, select “Setup” and follow the side menu to select “Payment Options”
  3. Select Intro offers
  4. Click the plus sign in the top right corner of your screen next to the search bar
  5. Within the “Intro Offer Details” tab fill out all required fields: title, short description, add an image or video that will catch their eye. Remember that this will be the first thing a new client sees when they interact with your app for the first time. Fill in the long description of what the Intro offer includes. Click NEXT in bottom right corner
Next, set the pricing options for this offer
  1. check for sale and set to app & admin to have this display directly to your customers on your app. Admin only will hid this from the app, but be available for sale to admin. Set expiration date. Decide how long a clients gets to use this offer for (ex. 10 days, 2 weeks etc). Then select when the expiration countdown begins, at purchase or after first use. Set Price for package. 
  2. Click the next button and you will be brought to the tab where you can add a Class Package and/or One-on-One Package. 
  3. To add a class package, click "Add Class Package". Use the drop down menu to pick how many uses a client gets with the package. The default is unlimited, so make sure you set this to a specific number if you prefer limited use. Select which class group the offer will include. Click create.
  4. To add a OOO package, click "Add one-on-one Package". Use the drop down menu to select how many "appointments" the package allows the client to make. Check all applicable services you want the package to include. (example, if you offer both 30 and 60 minute private session, maybe the Intro Offer can only be used for 30 min sessions.) Click add package when done.
  5. Click "Create" in the lower right hand corner to complete the creation of this Intro offer.

Things to Note:
  • Intro offers are ONLY available for purchase by clients that have never "interacted" with your business before. Meaning they have never made a reservation or a purchase. 
  • Intro offers are only displayed to your COLD clients. This means that none of your current clients will be able to see the intro offers on the app. 
  • Share links for purchases can be given to cold clients to purchase from. However, they will not work for clients that are not COLD in your system. (ex. If you make a client profile for a client on your admin and sign them up for class, because a reservation was made in their name, they will no longer be able to purchase the intro offer from the app or through a share link sent to them. However you can purchase the Intro offer for them through your admin. 

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