How to Make a Purchase on the App for Another Client

Modified on Fri, 23 Jun 2023 at 01:34 PM

fitDEGREE allows your clients to engage in what we refer to as social gifting. Your customers will be able to purchase and "gift" packs or classes to another member or a friend via the app. For your clients to engage in "social gifting" you first have to allow "gifting" in your settings. You will find these setting under Set-up -> App Settings -> Payment settings -> Social Purchases.

Once these are turned on, clients will see a "gift" icon in the Class and OOO Pack store and on the class description page in the app. You can only gift a class pack or OOO pack to a recipient if they already have an app account created. 

Gifting a Class:
When you click on a class description, one of the 3 actions you can take is "gift it". When you click on this button, you are given 2 options to send the gift; "Send by email", or "Find my friends". 

Send by Email will allow the giver to email a gift card to anyone they want for the amount of the drop-in fee to attend that class with an invitation to join the Giver in class. The recipient can then use that gift card to register and pay for the class it was sent for. 

Find my friends will allow you to search for your friends that are also on the fitDEGREE app that you have "friended". Choosing this method will put an account balance in the amount of the drop-in fee on your friends account so that they can use that to pay for the class when they register. 

*things to note: if you do not allow drop in fees on your classes, your clients can still send a gift card to class. However, the default amount will be $50, and not the Drop-in price of a class. Your customer will have to edit the dollar amount.  

Gifting a Class or OOO Pack:
Head into to the Store area of your app account and click into either class packs or One-on-One packs depending on which service pack you want to gift. At the top of the page, there is a "Gift it" button. Click on this button. This will allow you to search for other friends and users on the fitDEGREE platform and purchase a class pack for them. Please note that you can only purchase a pack for someone that is already on the platform. 

Memberships cannot be gifted from the app, since these are recurring payments. If you want to gift a month of membership to someone, recommendation is to purchase a gift card for them. They can then redeem the gift card and apply it toward a membership bill. 

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