What can I find in a Client Profile?

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Profile Details
Within a Client Profile on the left hand side of the screen is their basic profile information. Listed here is their name, and then options to create a cart, register/schedule, a chat icon to send a chat message to the client through the app and a phone icon to send a "forgot password email" or resend welcome email if they have not made an app account yet. Listed below all of this is their account balance (with the ability to adjust the balance), saved payment information, and the ability to add a tag to their account.

  • Create a Cart: by pressing this button you are immediately taken to the store on your fitDEGREE page with the ability to sell any goods or services to the client whose profile you were just viewing
  • Register/Schedule: by pressing this button you are immediately taken to a new tab which populates your current live schedule. You are also provided with the option to schedule this client a one-on-one appointment
  • Account Balance: this lists your client’s current account balance and allows you to add or subtract from this balance
  • Saved payment methods: this will show you the last four digits and the expiration date of the saved payment methods they have on file, with the ability to add and remove them from their account. 
  • About Me: within this section of the client profile it lists the basic information on the client such as name, username, birthday, login, contact information, as well as any relationships. This tab also allows the business with the ability to merge client accounts.
  • Add a tag: adding a tag to a client’s account is important for categorization of guests which can be later used for targeted discounts and promotional codes

This section of their profile on the left hand side of your screen will remain on-screen throughout the profile experience as you scroll. Other items though on the right hand side you'll be able to scroll through and review one-by-one.

Active Items
Within this tab you have the ability to see a client’s memberships, active class passes, intro offers, membership packs, and one-on-one passes

Within this tab it displays all unpaid and paid bills within this client's profile.

Within this tab anyone with an admin account on fitDEGREE can post a memo within a guest profile. This is useful for guests with pre existing injuries, allergies, and many other noteworthy occurrences.

This tab shows the current and past registrations made by a guest within your business.

This tab shows the current and past purchases made by a guest within your business.

Within this tab, all waivers signed by the client are categorized by title, and date signed.

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