Mass Tagger on the Client List

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The Mass Tagger is a feature available on many screens where Clients are displayed in a list view. In this article we will review the use-case of the Clients section of your Admin. This can be accessed by going to your menu button in the top left corner, then selecting Clients. This will send you to your entire Client List.

An important thing that comes into play prior to heading into the Mass Tagger is to filter your Client List if you are only looking to take certain clients into the Mass Tagger and not others. 

You will utilize the left side bar in order to filter down your Client List prior to entering your Mass Tagger if necessary. 

First you can filter by Client Temperature which has a range of Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot, and Fire. 

Second you can filter your Client List by Status which has a range of All, Inactive, and Active. Active clients are defined as those who have interacted with a Studio within the last 6 months. All Clients who have made no interaction since 6 months or further out are marked as inactive until a new action is taken. 

Third you see an option to "Add Tag Filter." To summarize what this feature does; the Tag Filters allow you to filter your Client List by clients who do or do not have one or a few Tags or Tag Properties. To learn more about this, go check out the article on Advanced Tag Filter Options.

Once you have generated your ideal version of your Client List that you wish to Tag, it's time to hop into the Mass Tagger inside of your Admin.

To do so, you will find an icon that looks like a group of people next to the screen title "Clients." 

Once you have clicked on this icon, you will exit your Client List screen and you will officially enter the Mass Tagger feature for the remainder of your actions. 

Inside of the Mass Tagger you will see the list of Clients from the Client List you were just viewing as well as menu options on the left side of your screen. 

The first option on the left side menu is to Add Client to List. This can be leveraged to add someone to the group of Clients that you you like to tag in conjunction with the current list. 

When you select this option a new tab will appear on the right side of your screen over your current Client List and will allow you to easily select Clients to add!

An example of a use-case for this would be if you realized that a client was over-looked as you were reading a previously tagged or sorted list and you needed to add them back manually.

Now onto the main event... ADDING TAGS!

Within your Mass Tagger you have the ability to add a tag to all Clients from your Client List that you pulled. To do so, simply click on the button that says Add Tag to All.

From here a new tab will open over your Client List on screen which will give you the option to add tags.

Within this new tab, simply select Add Tag and you'll open a menu which lists out all of the Tags in your fitDEGREE Admin.

You can select one Tag and be done, or select multiple Tags and then hit Apply to assign this Tag to all of your Clients in your current Mass Tagger List.

Within your Mass Tagger you also have the ability to remove a tag to from all Clients listed on your Client List that you pulled. To do so, simply click on the button that says Remove Tag from All.

Once selected, a tab will appear over your Client List prompting you to remove a tag from all clients. 

Take note of the option to "Include conditional tags." In order to remove a Conditional Tag from all Clients within this list you will need to check this box prior to Applying your selection. Otherwise, if the Tag is Conditional, it will not be removed. 

With that in mind, to select which tags you would like to remove you simply need to click on "Add Tag" and then select one or multiple Tags which you would like removed from your Client List.

Within your Mass Tagger you also have the ability to remove Clients from your list if needed at any point. Simply locate the icon displayed below on the right hand side of the screen that corresponds with a Client you wish to remove, click the icon, and the Client is instantly removed.

This option will not ask you to confirm your action and will instantly remove the Client from your list. That being said, you can easily add Clients back to your list by clicking on the menu option to Add Client to List. 

Another option on the left side menu is to pull an email list from the Clients listed on the Mass Tagger screen.

Once you click on this, similar to inside of any Registrable Roster, a new tab will appear which lets you copy and paste the list of emails of all Clients who appear on the list on-screen.

Last thing of note is that at any point you can export the list on your Mass Tagger screen by clicking the arrow pointing down into a box at the top left side of the screen next to the title "Mass Tagger"

This will provide you a CSV export of your list which includes the following:

  • Client ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Tags
  • Gender
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Country
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Account Created On

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