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Client Profiles leverage the power of Tags in order to help categorize these Clients inside of spaces within your admin the include lists, like Reports. Client Tags can be managed within the Mass Tagger, or within the Client Profile. This article is going to review how to maintain a Client's Tags within their profile. 

When you are inside of your fitDEGREE Admin you can access a Client's Profile by using the top search bar and locating their name, or leveraging your Client List. Once you have located and clicked into the Client Profile you should instantly see a whole host of information about this person. 

The Client Profile in the image above shows all of the information for John Smith. To locate information specific to Tags we are going to take a look at the vertical rectangle on the left hand side.

The bottom portion of this section of the Client Profile contains John's Tags. Here we can see that John is a Founding Member and an Employee all based on the Tags within the profile. Not only this, but the Tags can tell us a bit more as well... but we will circle back to that after we talk about how to add more. 

To add more Tags to the Client's Profile from this screen you are going to click on the plus sign next to their current Tags (if they have any) and below your Action Icons within the Profile.

Once you click on this plus sign a new tab will appear on screen which will allow you to choose from your current Tag list or create a new Tag. Simply click on the title of the Tag and it will be applied to the Client!

If you need to make any edits to the list of Tags on the client profile, all you need to do is click on the Tag and additional options will appear. 

Once a Tag is clicked a new small tab will appear on screen allowing you to remove the Tag from the Client or to edit the Tag's Conditions. 

If the Tag has Conditions, they will be listed on the screen with the ability to be Unlinked as well as the ability to add new active Item Conditions. 

If you click on Add Active Item Condition it will pull up a list of all Items on this Client's account allowing you to add this item to the Tagged Conditions.

*Note that the Conditions you are editing/creating are specific only to this Client. If you wish to edit for all people with a specific item you need to edit this Condition within the pricing option.

Now that we have that down, let's circle back to the story that the Tags can be telling on the profile. Specifically, let's focus on John's Founding Member Tag.

Within this Tag you will notice both a Color and a Link. 

The Link icon is to let you know that this specific Tag is Conditional, meaning it will appear and disappear based on the Client having a specific Active Item such as a Membership. 

The Color of the Tag is selected by the Studio Admin/Manager in order to tell a visual story. If you are unaware what a Color means, reference your Client Tags section of your Setup area. 

Want to learn more? Check out our loom video for a visual walkthrough ⬇

Similar to on Client Profiles, within the Client List page on your Admin you can create individual Conditional Links. In the Client List, if you click on a Tag in line with a Client's name, you can create an individual Condition between that Tag and the Client's active Pricing Options.

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