Get fitDEGREE on your phone without downloading an app

Modified on Fri, 11 Aug 2023 at 10:29 AM

So... you want to access fitDEGREE without downloading the app from an app store? Don't have enough storage left to download another app? We have you covered. 

fitDEGREE is a progressive web app, and thus in order to access the app all you really need is a web browser and a stable internet connection. 

This help guide article will review how to save the fitDEGREE app via your web browser as a home screen button on an iPhone. 

Yes, you could easily go to Google or Safari and type in "" and be able to access the app -totally unrestricted- at any time. That is great, but the goal of this article is to learn how to save that search on your home screen as an icon, so that the web version of the app is just one click away. 

Let's dive into the saving process, starting with Safari and then going into Google Chrome. 

Safari Step-by-Step:
  1. Open your Safari web browser
  2. Search for ""
  3. In the bottom center of the screen, click on the box with the arrow pointing up 
  4. Select to save to home screen 
  5. Title the home screen button

 Google Chrome Step-by-Step:
  1. Open Shortcuts on your iPhone 
  2. Click the plus sign in the top right hand corner
  3. Click "+ Add Action" 
  4. Search Google Chrome 
  5. Select "Open URLs in Chrome"
  6. Where it says URL type in ""
  7. Click the three dots in the top right corner
  8. Create a shortcut name and change the icon if you would like to 
  9. Click "Add to Home Screen"

Things to Note: 
When you save a web browser to your home screen instead of downloading the app, you will not be able to receive push notifications. 

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