Adding a Class to your fitSpot

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What is a class?

For your business, a class is the product you provide to your clients, whether it is cycling, yoga, pilates; the list is seemingly infinite. On fitDEGREE a class is a designated set of rules for our system to follow to make your schedule and your business run efficiently. While creating a class, your business will indicate key factors such as drop in rates, and class group in order to signal to our system to properly classify and produce seamless results. In creating a class, it is especially important to input the class group; as a result of class groups signifying instructor Payscales, it is important to establish these before you establish your classes and ensure you are inputting the correct class, into the correct group. 

  1. From your dashboard click the menu icon in the top left corner next to the fitDEGREE logo
  2. Select “Setup” you will land in the “Class Manager” page
  3. Once on the Class Manager page, select or create a class group
  4. Once in your class group, click on the plus sign in the top row of icons to create your class
  5. Indicate your class title and registration options as well as the level of difficulty
  6. If your class requires payment check the box next to the text indicating “this class requires payment.” Below this it will be asked if clients may pay upon arrival and if they may drop in; check off all that apply (if allowing drop ins a price option will pop up)
  7. Add your class description. This is your best advertisement for your class and allows clients to enter your studio feeling aware for what they will be doing within their session. Keep it fun, keep it informative, keep it to-the-point.
  8. Review the class group. 
    1. Remember, class groups can help you further distinguish between your categories of classes while creating schedules and preparing your business (specifically in terms of instructor Payscale and payment options). It is recommended to make these short and highly specific to the style of class within each group.
  9. Once you have finished all of these steps, click the “create” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will publish your class to your class list and once published, this class can be added to your live schedule.

Things to Note:
  • Allowing a student to pay when they arrive is not the same as allowing a drop in. Paying when you arrive means you were able to reserve a class spot without applying some form of payment. A drop in is paying for any remaining spots at the time of class and paying the drop in fee straight up.

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