Can I Customize the app?

Modified on Wed, 05 Jul 2023 at 11:36 AM

In terms of "customization" these are the app items which can be adjusted or hidden from view:

  • Logo
    • Your business logo is set at the time of onboarding. If this changes for any reason, please email the file to and request a logo change. 
  • Store Options
    • In your admin settings you can hide items from purchase such as:
      • Memberships
      • One-on-One Packs
      • Class Packs
      • Digital Gift Cards
  • App Home Buttons
    • In your admin settings, you have the ability to create and display app home buttons. What this means is that you can create a button in your mobile application which links to an outside URL.
  • Event/Series Display Photos
    • When creating events and series you may upload display images for the app to use
  • Team Member Photos
    • When creating team members (or at any time after) you can add in or edit their pictures. These images will display among any class/event/series which they are set as the instructor as their profile image. 
  • Profile Requirements
    • In your App Settings you can choose to require several things for clients, or not have them as a requirement at all. Requirements can be: phone numbers and custom image fields. If you do choose to require these, you can make exceptions within client profiles by viewing their "About Me."
  • Profile Requests
    • In your App Settings you can request personal information and let your clients know why you are requesting this data. You can request birth date, home address, and custom image fields. Clients do not have to fill these out and can skip them to proceed with registrations.
  • Cancellation Policy
    • In your admin settings you can change your cancellation policy at any time.
  • Attendance Policy
    • You have the ability to enforce a policy which states that for not attending X amount of times in a defined date range, a client would be put on a suspension from registration. This suspension lasts 30 days. 
  • Required Domain Name
    • In your settings you can require a specific domain name verified email in order to register. This is mainly used by college campuses.
  • Business Information
    • In your admin settings you can choose to display your address, phone number, email, and website. Clients can locate this information on the mobile app under "info and hours."
  • Operating Hours
    • In your admin there is a section to choose to display operating hours by area. Each area can have its own title and assigned operating hours set to display on the app. 
  • Website Widgets
    • Branded app accounts have the ability to customize the color and look of the "register button" on the Schedule widget. You must have a branded app package to get this feature. 

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