How to Create a Map

Modified on Wed, 13 Mar 2024 at 01:49 PM

Creating a Spot Booking Map allows for a detailed and customizable representation of your studio's layout for class sessions. This step-by-step guide will assist you in creating a map that enhances the booking experience for your clients.

  1. Log into the fitDEGREE admin website. 

    • This function is not available on the OnTheGo app, as map building requires the web interface.

  2. Go to Settings: Click on the menu button to open the app switcher, then navigate to and select "Settings."

  3. Activate Spot Booking: Find and click on the "Spot Booking" option. 

    • Please note that spot booking needs to be enabled for this feature to work. If it's not enabled, selecting this option will redirect you to an informational page on how to activate spot booking with the help of the fitDEGREE Team.

  4. Choose Maps: Select "Maps" from the options to proceed to the map creation section.

  5. Initiate Map Creation: Next to "Spot Booking Maps," click on the plus sign to start designing your map.

  6. Name Your Map: When prompted, assign your map a creative and descriptive name. This name should help you identify the map's purpose and the specific classes or sessions it applies to.

  7. Design Interface: You will be taken to a map editor interface. Here, you can start customizing your map according to your studio's layout. The sidebar menu in this editor offers three main options:

    • Grid: Adjust the room's grid size to match your space accurately.

    • Room Design: This section allows you to place various tiles, including color tiles for general areas, ground tiles for flooring, mirror tiles to represent mirrors, and wall tiles for walls.

    • Key Items: Here, you can add specific elements like the instructor's spot, client spots, and themed tiles for essential studio features such as cameras, speakers, exits, restrooms, and televisions.

  8. Utilize Tiles: Using the editor, apply the tiles to craft a map that reflects your studio's real-life layout. This step is crucial for accurately guiding clients during spot booking.

  9. Save Your Map: Once your design is complete, ensure you save your work by clicking the save icon, often represented by a floppy disk. Your map is now ready to be applied to relevant class sessions.

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